Costa Half Moon Sunglasses Review

 I’ve been wearing a new pair of Costa sunglasses this summer called the OCEARCH Half Moon Frames with the 580G lenses. They quickly have become my favorite pair of Costa sunglasses yet for many reasons. But I feel like there are a lot of features in these frames that would make this a great option for a lot of anglers. From the newly designed nose pads, the ear grips, the medium flexible arms and right fitting temple and brow design. I found these to be the best pair of Costa sunglasses I’ve owned.

Check out my observations on this combination of Costa Half Moon frames with Blue Mirror 580G lenses. 

Blue mirror and darker tint great for ultra bright conditions

The OCEARCH frames were built to not only be great new designs in the Costa lineup, but also to help raise money for shark exploration research expeditions to better understand the decline of sharks and their ecosystems. Each purchase funds more understanding and better protection of these delicate ocean environments. The Blue Mirror lens and darker tint have really reduced eye fatigue for me in bright sunny conditions on larger open water conditions. While I’ve always believed the Blue Mirror options to be better for saltwater and highly reflective environments, I’ve enjoyed fishing with them on while out on the ledges of TVA fisheries. 

Straight temple design comfortable under hat

The straight temple design , flexible hinges, comfortable ear grips and redesigned nose pads make the Costa Half Moon frames great for how most anglers wear sunglasses — under a hat.

Good fit

The arms on the Costa Half Moon frames are the right size for a good fit and a very appealing look while being comfortable for folks with a small frame or a larger frame like me. 

Great ear pads

This is one of the first things I noticed on the Costa Half Moon frames was a comfortable ribbed design of the ear pads that hold the sunglasses in place even on hot summer days while not pinching above the ears.

Flexible hinges and 580G lens make for good fit and view

The arms and frames of the Costa Half Moon feel solid thanks to the shape of the temple and the flexible hinges. 

Grey lenses great for bright conditions

The grey lenses are good for bright conditions and a little more challenging in early mornings and overcast conditions. But I get head aches really bad in bright sunlight and the grey lenses with the blue mirror have really helped me reduce that eye fatigue and headaches on long days on the water

Best nose pads I’ve seen on Costa frames

I might be in the minority, but the nose pads on the Costa Half Moon might be my favorite feature about these new frames. The nose pads are much less susceptible to wear and tear with this design, but they hold the glasses on my nose well and are comfortable to wear all day from sun up to sun down. I give this nose pad design an A+.

Classic design great for fishing and everyday wear

I was first attracted to the Costa Half Moons because of their classic styling and design that I thought would make them not only great fishing glasses but also great driving and every day kick around glasses outdoors. Some good designs for fishing, are not that great for just wearing out and about. And vice versa. But these frames can pull double duty as driving glasses, day at the beach glasses and fishing glasses.

Good eye coverage and light blocking

Certain frames block side light better than others and a lot of that has to do with how flush they fit on your face and on your cheeks. I really like the way the Costa Half Moon frames fit on my larger than average head. 

Comfortable flush and down the bridge a bit

Sometimes your face will get hot around sunglasses that are tight to your face. Some sunglasses fail when you move them away from your face because of the nose pads or the fit. I am able to move these frames in and out and up and down on the bridge of my nose and keep a comfortable fit. 

Happy medium on window size

The Half Moon frames are not too large and not too small. Some frames look too small on my face. And some frames look like helmets on my face that offer maximum eye protection. So I was hoping to find a happy medium that gave me a lot of coverage without looking like I was wearing a face shield while fishing. 

Great all around pair of sunglasses

So again the Costa OCEARCH Half Moons are probably my favorite pair of Costa sunglasses to date. I’d love to try these frames with green mirror or copper tint too, but I’m very happy with the combination of Blue Mirror lenses and Half Moon frames for everything from long drives during the day to long days on the water in bright sunny and reflective conditions. 

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