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RAILBLAZA Mobi Device Holder Review

A lot of bass anglers feel like a cell phone in a boat is like a banana; not necessarily bad luck like a banana, but something that always makes you wonder why you brought it fishing. Those who love the peace and tranquility of the outdoors attempt to get away from business and phones ringing nonstop once in a while. After all, that is the real reason we fish.

Ring tones, no matter how cute, are never good on the water and most bring bad news. Planning ahead with significant others and the silent button works magic so not to break the mood. Believe it or not there is a “mood” in fishing. Nothing is worse than having a buddy talking on or looking at email on a cell phone every second when fishing. My job depends on communication and there is a safety factor with carrying that communication leash but there are great ways to handle them without disrupting a good day on the water. I always carry mine and, knock on wood, have yet to drop one in the water and have found a good phone holder essential in my boats. More on that in a bit. 

Having a phone creates a conundrum. Do you keep it in your pocket or a storage compartment? Is there a better way to keep it close? I wonder how many cell phones have found their way to the bottom of the lake. I have been around when a few took the dive but hope that never will never happen to me.

With cell phone integration with electronics and mapping, they now are a tool. Cell phones also cover us in a safety situation and for that reason alone one needs to be in the boat. Very few anglers hit the water without one. I use mine for keeping track of time, for Bluetooth checks of my batteries with the Power-Pole Charge and have used it for mapping on occasion as well. They are absolutely necessary so it’s important to have them accessible but also out of the way too. RAILBLAZA solved all my problems with their Mobi Device Holder and Swing Arm R-Lock system. 

The Mobi Device Holder is versatile and can be used to hold cell phones, VHF radios, handheld GPS units and other devices. I had a buddy get one that he installed his Hydrowave on. Mine came with a restraining strap perfect for rugged conditions and is spring loaded to better hold on to your phone. All of RAILBLAZA accessories are durable, can be interchanged and removed quickly. This holder can be used on all of the RAILBLAZA accessories and I combined mine with a Swing Arm R-Lock because I can’t see as well as I used to and it allows the device to be moved for a better viewing angle, too. You can rotate it back to allow for more secure stowing. 

I am currently using the RAILBLAZA push pole holders and this cell phone holder in my boat as it has a rail system that allows for easy install plus quick removal, if necessary, and it provides solid placement in my boat.

This holder has made it handy to securely place my cell phone on the console and not have to dig it out of my pocket when I might get one of “those” calls on the water. It took about 30 minutes to install and I love that I can position it right in my line of sight. 

If you are like most of us and have to have your cell phone with you this is a great alternative to a storage box or your pocket. Safe, secure and out of the way is the reason I recommend them.