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Savage Gear Pulse Tail Baitfish In-Depth Review

Cliff Pace often seeks paddle tail swimbaits that emit less action and vibration, particularly in cold water, when targeting wary or pressured bass or clear water situations. Subtle and realistic weedless paddle tails such as the Savage Gear Pulse Tail lineup closely match forage and fish fast like a spinnerbait, ChatterBait, or swim jig. They also perform better when skipped underneath overhanging cover like docks and fish clean through grass. 


As a professional lure designer and builder himself, Pace reflects positively on the sheer breadth of today’s technique-specific lures. There are now even scores of technique-specific baits within individual lures categories such as swimbaits. Finesse swimbaits are the flat-sided crankbaits of the swimbait world and often outperform their more aggressive siblings. Add to that, a multitude of forage profiles and colors, plus customized hooking solutions, and you have a whole new set of tools in your swimbait arsenal.