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Jackall TN60 Lipless Crankbait

Springtime is rattle bait time in most of the country and Jackall has a unique model in the TN/60  that has characteristics that make it a special choice for finicky bass.The TN60 is 2.4 inches long, weighs 1/2 oz. and has a very different body style from other lipless crankbaits on the market. The slender tapered body, 3D eyes and large lips pulls easily through early season grass and the hook position allows for solid hookups sometimes not found on other baits of this genre.

The line tie is back off of the nose 1 inch allowing the bait to run a bit deeper and when it falls it falls horizontally. The nose down retrieve of this bait cuts grass like butter and it is also a super drop bait as a result. We like to burn it to the edge of the grass with the rod in the 1 o’clock position  and letting  it fall with the rod as it nears open water. Some of the best strikes occur on the stop and go and shaky retrieve.

The rattle chamber is home to several BB’s and the noise generated is deeper than others we have tested.

You can cast this bait long distances and it works in grass, around docks and on flats equally well.

Jackall’s  colors are unmatched.  They are works of art in our book. We really like the Ghost Sexy Shad and the Crawfish colors early and match the shad the remainder of the year, just after the shad spawn, with HL Blueback Chrome and HL Aurora Black.

The gill patterns are clearly defined and the scaled sides makes it look very lifelike. The tapered contour of the back of the bait creates a unique pressure wave in the water and the slender tail gives the bait more action.

We recommend every angler having a few of this great bait in their box!

These are available at Tackle Warehouse.