Spro Bucktail Jig Review

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Some baits are made for specific purposes only  and are very effective during  specific times of year and certain  conditions. Some of those very baits have a finite following, never gain widespread acceptance   and are  not easily understood by large groups of anglers  as a result. We feel the Spro Prime Bucktail jigs fit into the category of effective application specific products.

Those that believe strongly in the Bucktail jig are a unique lot. They have caught giant bass in extremely difficult times of the year,   both in the very hot months  and also in the very cold months on this jig. Why don’t they fish it more?  What does that tell us?

>We believe that anglers are and have been conditioned to use specific products at specific times and do not experiment with them at other times of the year. Examples of that type of product  are jerkbaits, frogs, and plastic worms. Each are used at specific times and only the unaware or the daring try them at other times. We have however heard stories of those that went against the grain and caught the fire out of them. They caught them on a frog in cold water, a jerkbait in the summer or a plastic worm at ice out.

It’s clear that the time is right to think out of the box. Things may not be as they seem. The Spro Bucktail Jig is a bait for all seasons.

The Spro Bucktail Jig is a spectacular summer schooling fish bait trailed with a split tail trailer or in the winter fished without a trailer on points and drops near cove mouths. They are unlike any other jig. The tapered shape, bucktail hair  and tinsel skirt, Holographic scaled  finish, 3D eyes and a head shape that mirrors baitfish in concert  all make the bait better. This jig glides through the water horizontallly and has a very unique fall action.

The Inside Scoop

Built with Gamakatsu Hooks.

Wintertime – cast, reel slowly with gradual hops work best. Summertime-long casts, vertical fall and agressive hops work best

Our favorite colors   are white and white/chartruese.

The Spro Bucktail Jig can be cast a country mile and are durable as iron. They last forever….fish after fish.

We like the head shape, castability, and the flexibility to fish the bucktail in a variety of ways.

You can buy them online at TackleWarehouse.com.