First Look: Flambeau HD Tuff Box

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I have an older bass boat and its compartments aren’t always as watertight as I’d like them to be—that’s just part of the game when you have an well-aged rig. I’ve tried lots of different options over the years for storing my valuables in inclement weather and until recently, it has been a challenge finding something that worked well. 

Fortunately, I decided to try the Flambeau HD Tuff Box a few months ago. In addition to keeping my essentials dry and damage-free, I’ve found some other good uses for it as well. 

The inserts serve two purposes


For whatever reason, most of the dry boxes I’ve used in the past were designed without inserts which led to my belongings getting pretty beat up in rough water. The Flambeau HD Tuff Box, however, has a TPR 70 rubberized insert that provides a lot of extra padding when conditions become a bit nautical. 

I’ve primarily used my box to store my keys, wallet and cell phone while fishing. I keep it in one of the bow compartments of my boat and this insert does an excellent job at keeping my cell phone screen free of scratches. The contents don’t slide around as my boat moves throughout the day and if they do happen to shift a bit, my belongings aren’t scratching against hard plastic. 


These inserts are also infused with Zerust. I’ve written about this technology quite often and after using this technology in both my tackle trays and now the HD Tuff Box, I am a serious believer of it. I have never—and you can take this to the bank—experienced a single flake of rust while using Zerust products. 

Even if your stuff gets wet before you put it in the HD Tuff Box, you don’t have to worry about any rust. I don’t know how this stuff works, but it’s nothing short of impressive. 

Totally waterproof


I’ve gone to great lengths to test the waterproof properties of the HD Tuff Box. I’ve poured bottles of water on it, sprayed it with the hose in my yard and even left it outside in a torrential downpour. At the time of this writing, I have not seen a single drop of water inside.

It also seems to be completely sealed from condensation, which can be a big issue in boats; especially in older ones like mine. The interior of your compartments can get a thick layer of condensation when left outdoors overnight which can and will damage all of your gear over time. I’ve left my HD Tuff Box in my boat for weeks on end and haven’t had any issues with interior condensation. 

Lots of practical uses

I actually plan on ordering several more of these boxes due to their versatility and effectiveness. They’re a great way to store anything you don’t want leaking or anything prone to water damage. 

For instance, I think this box would be excellent for storing bottles of soft plastic dye. If you’ve ever spilled chartreuse dye in your boat, you know how horrible it can be. Instead of storing it in plastic bags that are prone to holes, the HD Tuff Box would give you an effective and compact way to protect your boat from accidental spills. 

The larger HD Tuff Box would also be a good option for storing necessary boat tools or a first aid kit. The tools will stay rust-free and all of your bandages will be bone-dry when you need them. 

Final impressions


These boxes are surprisingly practical, especially for boat owners. They work exactly as advertised and in my opinion, you’ll want a few more after trying one. 

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