BOSS Swimbait Jighead

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I get asked a lot what swimbait jighead I use for most of my swimbaits. Truth is I use a variety as I’ve found different heads work better on different styles of swimbaits. But probably the one I use more than any other just because of its unassuming stature but solid hook is the BOSS Swimbait Jighead.

I’ve been using this swimbait head since it first came out. I use it on umbrella rig swimbaits and single swimbaits alike. I had some custom made in 3/4-ounce for fishing bigger baits out deep. But day in and day out, I use the 1/2-ounce size the most and probably the 3/8-ounce size the next most. 


I shot a video on matching heads to swimbaits. One thing that makes the BOSS Swimbait head so versatile is that the head itself is small shaped to fit as a nose piece on a good swimbait. The other very important aspect of this unique design is the scooped chin on it. That angled upward chin, allows the swimbait to hit a rock or a stump and actually divert upward. 

Do I get them hung occasionally? Sure. But not as much as a lot of other rounder or more narrow swimbait heads that have a sharp bottom that lends itself to the swimbait turning on its side and sticking the hook. For some reason also when this head does get lodged I can usually get over it and pop it off. I think that’s largely because of that chin shape. It’s the actual head stuck and not a rolled over hook stuck.


I don’t get too crazy with colors. I stick mostly with the shad colored heads in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-ounce sizes. The hook is a very beefy Mustad hook that will not bend out, even when fished on braid. 

A lot of my swimbait reviews you will notice this head on the bait. It just works. They come 4 to a pack for $5.99 and they stay sharp and snag free longer than many other options so I consider them to be a very good value. The double barb keeper really holds a swimbait on there well. Put a drop of super glue on there and the bait will literally tear apart before you have to adjust it. 


BOSS makes a lot of great components for do-it-yourself lure builders, but this is probably one of my favorite designs they have developed to date. 

You can find the BOSS Swimbait jighead on, and retailers that carry BOSS fishing products.