Finatic Pro Series Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Review

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You might not have heard of this line before, but it’s worth careful consideration before making your next purchase. The Wired2fish guys have been using it a lot lately and have been quite impressed.

It provides some serious competition

I’ve become pretty set in my ways in regards to fluorocarbon fishing line. Over the years, I’ve tested dozens of different brands and have been disappointed more frequently than I prefer. That has changed, however. 

I had the opportunity to test some Finatic Pro Series Fluorocarbon lately and it has been some of the most impressive fishing line I’ve used throughout my time at Wired2fish. It’s pretty likely you haven’t heard of it before, but I think it will become a common name in the next few years. They’re quietly making some of the best fluorocarbon in the game.

Comes off the reel smoothly

Some of the lower-end fluorocarbons seem to feel “crispy” to me, if that makes any sense. They’re very stiff and can have awful memory issues if you keep ’em on your reel for too long. That hasn’t been the case thus far while testing this line. 

Finatic Pro Series Fluorocarbon has proven to be much more supple than I expected. It has very little memory (every fluorocarbon will have some) and it holds its own with the leading brands. I’ve left this stuff on my reels for several weeks at a time and have had no issues with castability or strength. 

Whether I’m flipping 20-pound test or cranking with 12-pound test, I’ve been equally impressed by its manageability even after extended use. 

Some of the best packaging I’ve seen in fishing line

It may sound silly to devote an entire talking point to the packaging of a product, but I think fishing line packaging is critical in several aspects. Finatic has done an outstanding job packaging their product in a practical way that makes sense for anglers. 

The Pro Series Fluorocarbon comes with a soft, non-abrasive elastic band that serves two very important purposes: It protects the line on the spool and it keeps it from tangling while in storage. 

As you can see, it’s not a skinny elastic band. It covers and protects the entire spool to give you more peace of mind when you’re spooling up. The practicality of this has been pretty eye opening, actually. I never realized how helpful a simple elastic band would be until I had one. 

It hasn’t failed me yet

This line has proven to be quite strong with exceptional knot strength. I’ve ripped some pretty nice bass out of thick cover throughout my testing and have yet to have this line fail me. I tie a traditional Palomar knot for the large majority of my applications and it has held up excellently. It doesn’t seem to burn itself while cinching the knot and it can handle high-impact, slack-line hooksets with ease. 

After dozens of hard hooksets, I’m happy to report that I haven’t had a single issue with this line. 

The line clip actually works

I’ve used a lot of fishing lines that are tough to manage on the spool while in storage. I’ll spool up a reel and have to search for a piece of tape or something (anything) that will keep the left-over line in place. 

This spool has a line clip that actually holds your line tight. You don’t have to baby it, tape it or do anything else crazy. Slide your line into that small, black crevice and you’ll never have any slack line on your spool. Whenever you need more line, it’ll be ready to go whenever you are. 

Again, it’s just another practical design idea that simply makes sense to anglers. 

Final impressions

I think you’ll be quite happy with this fishing line. As I’m sure you know, all fluorocarbon is not created equal. Although this is a smaller company, I think it has the ability to run with the “big dogs” of the industry. There are several great fluorocarbons out there and this makes a serious case to be included in the conversation. 

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