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Favorite Rush Casting Rod Review

I have been wanting to fish some of the Favorite Rods for a while and finally got my hands on some this fall and winter. Specifically I’ve been fishing with the new Favorite Rush rods. These are high-end rods with a lot of neat styling, an innovative new material and really impressive power. Thus far my experience has been really good with this first rod from Favorite. Here’s a little more about these new rods for those wondering about them.

Really interesting blanks

The Favorite Rush Casting Rod features a uniquely crafted bass fishing blank that incorporates a new graphite cloth material that is multi-layered over carbon fiber and features a one-of-a-kind textured blank that is small, light but very dense and powerful. 

I was afraid looking at the rod and that texture that it would be heavy. So I was pretty blown away at how light the rods feel. 

Very good guides

The Fuji Alconite KR concept guides fish flawlessly on this blank. The guides are small and solid. Even the double foot first two feeder guides are smaller and tangle free, and the next 10 single-foot guides are perfect on this smaller diameter rod blank. 

Nice through grip reel seat

The reel seat is said to be inspired by Japanese designs. A custom foregrip, blank-through seat with a hollowed out trigger and finger molding help make the reel more palmable in your hand while you have direct contact to the blank on the base. 

Hybrid cork and dense EVA foam grips

The split grip features a finely sanded cork upper section and dense EVA foam lower section to make hooksets a bit more comfortable. The grips feature nice accent rings, no slip textures and the senstivity and balance of the rod are not hampered. 

Lots of details throughout the rod

The rod blends a lot of features and details throughout seamlessly in a unique design. I think the color is a nice compliment to a lot of different reels. I have been throwing a super-tuned Daiwa Tatula Type R reel on this 7-foot medium-heavy rod.

I’ve been fishing jigs a lot on this setup. I also have been snatching on a lot of white bass with a Rapala Jigging Rap on the rod too just to lean on some fish and see how sensitive and powerful it can be on fish in 40 feet of water. 

good feeling grips and nice looking accents

I like that Favorite adds a lot of details throughout the rod. Making it sharp looking rod that has been a lot of fun to fish with it. 

Good keeper

The hook keeper is small and solid and holds big baits and small baits equally well and I’ve not had any issues with the line doubling back on it while fishing. 

Powerful backbone

I dead lifted a bunch of fish on this rod just because it seemed very powerful for such a light rod. A lot of times you get a rod that is crisp and sensitive and it has very little lifting power. Other rods that have the backbone end up being heavy and lacking sensitivity. 

For how small a diameter these blanks are, I have been wowed by their power.

A solid rod from tip to butt

Favorite did a remarkable job on the new Favorite Rush rods. I like this rod a lot. They are only offered in 3 casting and 4 spinning actions at the moment. 

I have only tested the casting rods at this time. A 6-foot, 6-inch medium that would make a good small crankbait, topwater and jerkbait rod. A 7-foot medium action rod that would be good for jigs, plastics, Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, deeper crankbaits and more. And a 7-foot, 3-inch heavy rod that is great for pitching, swimbaits and larger baits up to an ounce. 

You can find them at and