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Target Prespawn Swimbait Bass With KVD

Kevin VanDam delivers an in-depth tutorial on the use of finesse swimbaits during the late prespawn to target roaming bass preparing to spawn. Yes, jerkbaits shine during much of the prespawn, but experience has taught KVD that a straight-retrieved finesse swimbait is better at covering water and triggering big bites just before the spawn. This calendar period may coincide with baitfish schooling in the shallows, but whatever the case, it’s an easy way to find fish roaming points and shorelines stretches. Kevin also goes into detail on how he adjusts line size rather than jig head weight to cover multiple depths with the same lure, as well as rod and reel pairing for the presentation. This is a must-watch swimbait tip for those looking to diversity their traditional cold-water prespawn presentations.  

Tackle and Equipment List: