Jay Yelas Tips on Spring Plastics

FLW pro Jay Yelas loves to toss soft plastics for bass. While Jay was on his way to the airport traveling for the bass business, Jay took a few moments to share his three favorite soft plastics baits for bass during the spring season.


“I think the Yamamoto Senko is the all-time best soft plastic,” said Yelas. “It’s at its best near spawning areas. Need I say more?”

“I fish it weightless on 14-pound fluorocarbon and tie on the 4/0 Zoneloc Wide Gap Magnum Worm hook. I use the 5-inch size in black with blue fleck or green pumpkin.”


“A Carolina-rigged 6-inch Yamamoto Lizard is an awesome bait in the springtime,” said Yelas. “It’s a good choice for fishing staging fish on points just outside spawning coves. I fish it slowly on the bottom. 

“I use a 3/8-to 1-ounce sinker depending on depth and wind. I use a 3-foot fluorocarbon leader and use the 4/0 Zoneloc Wide Gap Magnum Worm hook with a watermelon or green pumpkin lizard. “


“A Texas-rigged Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog is my favorite soft plastic for flipping and pitching to heavy cover in the shallows. I use 20-pound fluorocarbon line and a 3/8-to ½-ounce weight and tie on a 5/0 Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook

“Colors are simple, black and blue or green pumpkin.Fish it slowly and let it sit in the cover a bit during the spring. It’s great for brush, willows, or any vegetation.”

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