Jay Yelas Tips on Spring Plastics

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FLW pro Jay Yelas loves to toss soft plastics for bass. While Jay was on his way to the airport traveling for the bass business, Jay took a few moments to share his three favorite soft plastics baits for bass during the spring season.


“I think the Yamamoto Senko is the all-time best soft plastic,” said Yelas. “It’s at its best near spawning areas. Need I say more?”

“I fish it weightless on 14-pound fluorocarbon and tie on the 4/0 Zoneloc Wide Gap Magnum Worm hook. I use the 5-inch size in black with blue fleck or green pumpkin.”


“A Carolina-rigged 6-inch Yamamoto Lizard is an awesome bait in the springtime,” said Yelas. “It’s a good choice for fishing staging fish on points just outside spawning coves. I fish it slowly on the bottom. 

“I use a 3/8-to 1-ounce sinker depending on depth and wind. I use a 3-foot fluorocarbon leader and use the 4/0 Zoneloc Wide Gap Magnum Worm hook with a watermelon or green pumpkin lizard. “


“A Texas-rigged Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog is my favorite soft plastic for flipping and pitching to heavy cover in the shallows. I use 20-pound fluorocarbon line and a 3/8-to ½-ounce weight and tie on a 5/0 Zoneloc Flippin’ Hook

“Colors are simple, black and blue or green pumpkin.Fish it slowly and let it sit in the cover a bit during the spring. It’s great for brush, willows, or any vegetation.”

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