GMAN’s Crankbait Approach for High, Dirty and Cold Water Bass

So you’re faced with crappy spring conditions – the water is high and dirty on top of being cold. What do you have tied on? For Gerald Swindle, hard baits are his confidence “get bit” choice in these conditions, and they also excel at covering water. GMAN shares several pointers ranging from crankbait color selection, diving depth and the importance of reading the bottom and adjusting your retrieves based on the mood of the fish.


For starters, Swindle opts for bright crankbait colors when fishing muddy water. His rationale is simple… show bass something they can see. The next step is to assess running depth. High water and flooded cover make it challenging to fish tight to the shore but you still need to get the bait to the depth bass are holding. Lastly, constantly analyze available cover using your sonar or naked eye then use the bait to telegraph telltale signs that you’re fishing in the right areas.


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