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Where to Focus Your Spinnerbait Fishing in Dirty Water

Muddy water scares off a lot of anglers when fishing for bass in the spring. They will skip areas when they see muddy water, but it can actually compact the bass fishing zone and make the fish even easier to target by focusing on a few key aspects. One is to use a bait like a spinnerbait that has flash and vibration. Specifically a kicker blade spinnerbait that offers that plus a bright contrasting color to attract the bass a little more in hard to see conditions. In this VLOG, Jason Sealock, expands on his Kicker Blade Spinnerbait roundup with how effective they can be in muddy water. 


Even when focusing on deep funnel areas in the prespawn like bridges, you can move shallower the dirtier the water is. So when water is clear, they might be 10 feet deep. But as it gets dirtier, the bait will often move shallower and so will the bass. Look for any signs of bait on your graph or just up flipping on the surface. When you do this, you can often predict when you’re going to find all the variables that make for a great bass fishing day as Jason found recently on the lake going through the typical spring muddy water transition. As this video shows, you can get shallower in muddy water and catch them nearly every cast when you adjust your fishing to the conditions. 

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