4 Prespawn Bass Fishing Tips for Lipless Crankbaits

Some of the biggest bags in bass fishing have been caught on lipless crankbaits. From Texas, Florida and lakes like Kentucky Lake, a lipless crankbait has accounted for some of the biggest limits of bass during the prespawn. 


Greg Hackney gives a great rundown of why a lipless crankbait is one of the first baits he reaches for in the cold water prespawn period. He covers several aspects of it that will help you have more success with lipless crankbaits like a Red Eye Shad. First, he talks about switching up the sound. Next he explains changing his retrieve and using a pull technique. Then he talks deflection being important in cold water. He also covers searching for openings in grass with it and finding clean spots that can hold a school of big bass. 

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