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T’was the Night before Fishing – Wired2Fish style

Twas the day before Christmas,

and my only wish Was to spend the holiday with Wired2fish.

Terry and Jason and even Todd,

Each with a tackle box, new lures and our rods.

Our reels had fresh line, and we had all our gear,

And high hopes of catching the biggest fish of the year.

We hitched up the boat, and piled in the truck,

and headed for the lake, to test our luck.

We pulled up to the boat ramp, our spirits were high,

But the mood quickly changed, when we saw with our eyes

That our day of fishing would not be that nice,

For it was late December, and the lake was now ice.

Our spirits slumped, as we stood in the snow,

And stared at the ice, with the fish deep below.

It seemed our trip had come to an end,

When, from out of nowhere, came Scott Glorvigen.

He was dressed up as Santa, in a red and white suit,

And was pulling a sled with some gear on it, to boot.

He let out a chuckle, since we sat there so glum,

And asked us how we could all be so dumb.

“Ho ho ho”, he said with a smile,

“If you don’t mind walking a while,

I’ve got an ice auger and a couple of seats,

And the ice fishing this time of year can’t be beat.”

Our faces lit up and we grabbed all our gear,

But ‘Santa Scott’ told us “Just leave all that here.”

“I’ve got everything that you need on my sled,

Gear from Northland and Rapala, and Gemini hats for your head.”

We followed him out on the snow-covered ice, where he augered some holes,

And we pulled up our seats, and grabbed our poles.

We proceeded to catch walleye, trout, perch, and pike,

And continued to slay the fish well into the night.

Eventually ‘Santa Scott’ rose to his feet,

And excused himself- “I’ve got people to meet.”

As he turned and began to walk away,

We heard the jingling of bells, and up pulled a sleigh.

It wasn’t until the sleigh drew near,

That we saw it was pulled by several reindeer.

Santa Scott turned to us and wished us goodnight,

And we noticed his beard had changed to bright white.

“Since you’ve all been so good this year,

I’m letting you all keep this ice-fishing gear.”

“If you take good care of it, I’m sure it will last,

And the next time you go fishing, check the weather forecast!”

He hopped in the sleigh, and then turned with a jerk,

And told Terry, Todd and Jason to keep up the good work.

Because Wired2fish brings us all the best stuff,

And even though it seems that we can’t get enough,

We appreciate everything that they do,

So this Christmas Time poem is dedicated to you.

My thanks for the stories, and my thanks for the fun,

And thanks for the contests I’ve entered and won.

So finally my poem comes to an end,

Best wishes to everyone, their families and friends.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

— Bruce Bachlor
Cincinnati, Ohio





* Thank you Bruce and all our readers and friends who make our Website, TV and Radio worth doing! May you all have a blessed holiday and a prosperous and healthy new year!

Your friends,

Todd, Terry, Jason, Scott, Marty, Wade and Don