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The Best Professional Bass Fishing Tournament Format You’ll Probably Never See


If you’re a fan of professional bass fishing, I’m certain you’re well aware of the massive changes that have occurred in the past few years. A lot of the household names with which we grew up in the B.A.S.S. organization decided to fish a new tournament trail called Major League Fishing (MLF). This certainly divided fishing fans and, in some way, altered the industry itself.

I think competition is an excellent thing in any industry. Competition creates both innovation and change which are both needed to advance this sport. This competition, however, has created some interesting storylines and made professional bass fishing pretty darn interesting to follow.

Both organizations are stocked with stellar anglers and good people; I don’t think anyone can argue against that. You’ll find a lot of the grizzled veterans fishing the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Events. On the Elite Series, you’re going to find a bunch of young studs that eat, sleep and breathe fishing. They’re hungry and energetic. This makes for a fascinating dynamic in my opinion.

Why don’t we take advantage of said storylines and make it into something much bigger? Some folks think the Elite Series is the best and some folks think MLF is the best. Why don’t we meet by the proverbial monkey bars each year in a bracket-style tournament and settle the debate? The winner gets bragging rights and a bunch of money.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and while this format is certainly not perfect and surely has hundreds of factors to consider, I think this discussion should at least be started. If both organizations worked together they could both uncover some incredible opportunities for not only themselves, but the sport itself.

Here are my initial (and imperfect) ideas.