Zoom Bait Introduces Uni Toad

Zoom Bait Company set the bass fishing world on its ear with the introduction of the Horny Toad, the buzz toad that popularized the topwater technique. Now, with the addition of the Zoom Uni Toad, Zoom has meshed power and finesse in a single-footed soft plastic for when the bass demand a different look.

As the name suggests, the Uni Toad has a single leg protruding from a flat toad-like body, with a boot tail that creates a ruckus, along with ample plastic to keep your hook in place and weed free – yet still readily available for a perfect hook set.

“It’s a fine mix between a shad and a toad,” said former Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year, Gerald Swindle. “It has a little of that Horny Toad sound, but it’s more of a sight thing. It rolls and swims with a little bit of body wobble. Just like the toads, it’s good over grass, but it also really looks like a blueback herring or a shad in open water.”

Indeed, while pros like Swindle have already integrated it into their tournament game plan, they’re still figuring out new ways to utilize this unique profile. South Carolina pro, Brandon Cobb, who Swindle called the “Horny Toad Guru,” keeps one on the deck nearly all of the time. “I use it like a Horny Toad much of the time,” he said, “But there are so many other ways to put it places that the fish haven’t seen it. I put it on a jig head to skip docks, and rig it with a belly weight to fish it just under the surface, but where it really excels is as a wake bait.”

Initially the Uni Toad will be available in six proven colors, including staples like black and white. Cobb is a big fan of the shad-imitating colors, too. Ask for them at your favorite local or online retailer.

Initial Stock Colors of Uni Toad:

  • 147-025 – Green Pumpkin
  • 147-038 – Black
  • 147-040 – White
  • 147-235 – Green Pumpkin Pearl
  • 147-358 – Natural Shad
  • 147-362 – Sungill

For more information and to view all 6 colors visit: