Zoneloc Introduces New Fishing Hook Design

Zoneloc. Remember the name. You’ll want to be looking for it the next time you’re online or in your favorite retailer shopping for fishing hooks. Zoneloc is the fishing hook evolved; the newest, baddest dude on the block. But only use it if you want to catch more fish.

The creator of Zoneloc hooks, Gary Bennis, decided to design a hook that will not only be sharp and penetrate into a fishes mouth easily (like almost all hooks on the market do), but to retain more fish.

So, while in his secret lab that all great innovators have, Gary came up with the concept of the Zoneloc bend. What’s the bend, you ask? It’s that little sweet spot where the fish are protected from the barb on the hook preventing excess wear and tear while the fish is fighting. The nifty two-bend offset that Gary created allows for greater fish retention and less fish loss. The fish gets locked in and the Zoneloc hook won’t let go.


The Zoneloc difference

“I set out not to radically change the fishing hook,” said Bennis. “I wanted to take the basic design and improve it. The Zoneloc hook is that. A fishing hook taken to the next level.

“With our unique design, the fish will dump into the main bend of the hook quicker and that little bend is the key to locking the fish on. You’d better have your pliers handy when you use Zoneloc hooks.”

It’s not only the owner of Zoneloc hooks who’s excited about the product. A couple of Bassmaster Classic champs, Jay Yelas and Alton Jones, are also onboard and ready to lock more bass into the sweet spot of their Zoneloc hooks.

“Zoneloc hooks are the real deal,” said Yelas. “I’ve let the fish jump and jump and have yet to see one of them throw the hook yet.

“I believe anglers are going to need to get these hooks. As a tournament angler, retaining a few percent more fish can be the difference in having a great day or year and not doing well.

“If you want to catch more fish, you need to get Zoneloc hooks.”

Alton Jones has experienced similar success with Zoneloc hooks.

“I’ve never been overly excited about fishing hooks,” said Jones. “I just wanted a strong, sharp hook. Then I had the chance to use Zoneloc hooks while doing some promotional work for a sponsor. I fished a private lake and caught about 160 bass up to five pounds using Zoneloc hooks. It became apparent rather quickly we were on to something. I don’t think I’ve ever had to use my pliers so much to remove a hook before. They really stuck the fish and helped retain them. I was sold.


Alton Jones Zoneloc is a good one

“Something as basic as the hook is so important to your success. Sure, a lot of hooks are sharp and strong, but with the new bend, I believe you’ll retain a higher percentage of the fish you hook. For me as a professional angler, that is the difference between a poor season and a decent one or a good season and winning AOY (Angler of the Year). I can’t wait to use them on the Bassmaster Elite Series and at the Bassmaster Classic.”

If you want to hook and catch more fish, get yourself a few packs of Zoneloc hooks and a good pair of pliers. You can purchase them at or

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