Xpress Boats Offers Combo Hunting and Fishing Boat

As fall approaches many anglers are looking to split time with rods and reels and shotguns and Xpress Boats has you covered with their HD Duck Series boats. Two all welded models, in 15 and 16 foot lengths, they are perfect for fishing the lake  and  river or setting up in a  duck blind. Reasonably priced for under $12,000 for the 16 footer with a 40 hp engine and under $10,000 for the 15 footer with a 25 hp engine they give you the flexibility to use them for hunting or fishing.  Ample front storage and a gun/rod box this boat adapts easily with depth finder and trolling motor for fishing or strictly set up as a hunting boat without the extras. Both come in multiple camo patterns and accessories like a console, convenience station, tree hugger bracket and gun brackets are available. Check them out at the Xpress Boats website.

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