Wired and Truckin’

We’re in the middle of a busy week at Wired2Fish.com headquarters. We’re all meeting about future plans that include television, web, radio, national prostaff, and of course the website and all the great folks we get to visit with on a daily basis with our social networking.

We also have a special treat today, in that Jerry McKinnis will be in our office shortly, and we’ll be talking shop, old times and the future of competitive bass fishing. We’re looking forward to Jerry’s visit.

We’re excited about the future. The fish will continue to bite. The manufacturers will continue to find new things to fool the fish. And some of us will get out on our local ponds and continue to battle it out in our local dog fights for the fun of it.

The rest of us will continue to partake in the enjoyment of angling with our family and friends. Even alone, fishing offers a release for those that participate.

We spent the morning doing a photo shoot out at the lake. It’s beautiful out and we saw several boats fishing. Color us jealous. We love hearing good fishing stories and seeing your great catches. Be sure and share on Facebook. We love to talk fishing and Jason, Todd and Terry answer and look at Facebook many times daily.

This offseason is going to bring more changes to the sport of competitive fishing. We’re making a commitment to providing you all the information we can related to tackle, techniques and hot destinations. We’re doing this all for you the angler, so please let us know what you want to see more of, less of or things you want us to do different. We always welcome feedback and your thoughts on the sport, fishing, tackle and more.