Video of Meyer’s Potential World Record Spot

Tim Little, current world record holder for spotted bass, got the call from Cody Meyer after Meyer caught what he thought could potentially oust Little’s record for world record spottted bass. So Little dropped what he was doing and made the 3 1/2 hour drive out to Meyer to help him document properly his catch and weighing of the catch after there have been some issues with larger spotted bass being caught but not being certified as of yet as world records because of adequate documenting for IGFA or weighing the catch on dry land. 

Little was kind enough to not only help Meyer, even though it could possibly knock him out of the record books, but he also was kind enough to video it for the rest of us. Here is a short video Little put together on their website. As well as his take on the whole experience at this link:

Thanks Tim and for sharing Cody Meyer’s experience with the rest of us who can only dream of potentially catching a world record bass, much less a world record spotted bass.