Upgrade Your Boat with Do It Yourself Projects

Tough economic times means resourceful anglers. They won’t quit fishing, that is for sure. In the last few years a trend has developed where anglers are “retrofitting” their old boats or taking a jon boat and turning it into a fishing machine. Decking, upgrading pumps and electronics, or even repowering are all options for the savvy and thrifty angler.
Today, more than ever, companies have seen that trend and are developing new products for what we see a a new cottage industry that is getting legs. Kits are now available to install aeration and bilge systems, better hardware can be found at boat dealerships and fishing equipment stores,   and sturdy materials to take weight out of the equation are also available now. Small horsepower boats  doesn’t necessarily mean bad performance  or an uncomfortable outing. There are tricks that can make a whole new group of boats available to the masses.
A quick look at any of the Marine catalogs clearly show that options are available for anglers on a budget.
One of the cool product we like for this application is the Fish Mate Pro livewell system. The complete system keeps fish alive, are dependable and sturdy and look great too. Made in the USA, the Fish Mate Pro brings customization to storage and livewells to a whole new level. You can check them out by clicking here.
Another cool product we have talked about a lot here at Wired2Fish is Bluewater LED lighting systems. Not only does it put bling into your boat but adds  a level of safety on low light conditions. Not only can you see better but you can be seen better as well.  Click here for more info on Bluewater LED.
Pumps and aeration systems can be upgraded as well. Attwood Marine is a leader in this area. Bilge pumps, hardware, aeration systems and hardware are all avaiable here. To learn more about  Attwood click here.
If your boat seats need repair or need to be  replaced check out the Boat Seat Store. They can provide economically priced seats for any boat and any color. Check them out by  clicking here.
You may not have the funds to buy a new boat so do the next best thing….Retrofit the old washtub.