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Lintner shows resiliance after accident

California and Wired2Fish pro Jared Lintner was involved in a serious accident on his way to Clear Lake. His truck and boat were totaled and his gear was thrown across I-5. The good news is he and his son escaped with only  bumps and bruises.
Some anglers would have backed out. Not the “Milkman”, Jared Lintner. Although it wasn’t easy he and his family circled the wagons and got a hodge-podge of salvagible tackle, borrowed a good friends boat and then went out and had a super day one on Clear. He currently sits in second place as they fish day two.
There is an understory here. One   about family and extended family and the value good friends provide it tough situations. There is a great read on about how this all came together in a tough situation for Jared. To read it click here.
There is also a great story by Don Barone that touches on  the reasons we love fishing and what friends do. You can read it by  clicking here.

Go get them Jared.