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Two Fishermen Dead in Pickwick Dam Accident

More terrible news of another boating accident, this time in Tennessee. 

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, 32-year-old Casey Cox and 69-year-old Michael Ray Terry have died after their boat reportedly went through the spillway. Their boat capsized near the dam at approximately 1:30pm on Wednesday. 

Hardin County fire officials say security cameras captured the moment when the aluminum flat-bottom boat went over the edge. The boat has been removed and will be investigated in order to identify exactly what went wrong.

The bodies have been recovered several miles downstream.

It is currently unknown whethere the boat simply capsized or if there was some sort of mechanical issue. 

“For your safety, we urge the public to stay away from the dam and shorelines. Due to the high water levels and flood risks, fixed dock owners should consider moving boats out from under dock roofs and remove anything that might float away,” said TVA spokesman Scott Fielder. 

Editor’s note: The number of fishing-related deaths and accidents this year has been staggering and tragic. While each accident has its own unique circumstances, we strongly urge everyone to make safety your priority when fishing. There will never be a fish worth risking your life. We continue to offer our sincerest prayers and condolences to everyone involved in this recent string of accidents.