Two Anglers Cited for Being 88 Fish Over the Limit in Georgia

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Game Warden Isaac Roberson was patrolling on the Coosa River in Floyd County Sunday afternoon, Dec. 10, 2023, when he encountered two individuals fishing. After a brief investigation, Warden Roberson discovered that the two men were 88 fish over the daily creel limit for striped and white bass.

Both men were cited for their egregious act and their fish were then collected and donated to a local family to feed them them the next few months. The daily limit for white and striped bass is 15 on the Coosa River chain, only 2 of which may be over 22 inches in length. These men were way over their limit of 30 for the day upon the investigation.

They got to keep their 30, donated the other 88 and will pay penalties for their actions.