Maine Fisherman Dies after Falling Through Ice

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), two men were fishing on Lake Quakish near Millinocket, Maine when tragedy struck. The men, who were drilling holes in the ice to check the thickness, felt the ice crack between them. They quickly spread apart but the damage was already done and both men plunged into the icy waters.

One man was able to get to shore but not before seeing his fishing partner, Walter Demmons, 62 of Milford, go under and not resurface. The other man who has not been named, was able to call 911 as soon as it happened. The search and rescue crew was dispatched and they were able to recover Demmons’ body.

Hopefully this tragedy will remind folks to use extreme caution on new ice. Please read this guide from MDIFW on Ice Fishing Safety to better prepare yourself for ice fishing.

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