TVA Urges Boaters to Stay Off Tennessee River

Due to excessive rainfall, the TVA is cautioning all boaters to stay off the Tennessee River for at least one week. This warning applies for the entire river system. The power of moving water is nothing to take lightly. Do not risk your life for a fish.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 1.2 million gallons of water per second were rushing through the Wheeler Reservoir. After drought conditions through much of last year, there has been a total of 18 1/2 inches of rainfall across the Tennessee Valley in 2017. 

Lake property owners are also being urged to make certain their docks and boats are secure. 

“The river speeds are very fast right now,” said TVA spokesman Scott Fiedler. 

Even if you’re fishing from the bank, exercise extreme caution and pay close attention to rising water. We advise anglers to avoid the risk altogether until given the “all clear” by the TVA. There have been far too many fishing-related deaths and accidents this year. 

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