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Reese bid wins Ike’s Beard…

He has the Classic Trophy, he has won Angler of the Year and now he has another trophy that will be proudly displayed in his office, Ike’s beard. Skeet Reese won the bidding for Mike Iaconelli’s beard via Ebay this past week to benefit Autism Awareness and a local school  outside of  Boston (New England Center for Children, that specializes on kids with Autism. We spoke to him at ICAST and he said he wanted it badly. He put his money where his mouth was…that is for sure.
“This is a great cause  (Autism Awareness)  and I wanted to be a part of it. Its another momento of the Classic and because I am such a large fan of the sport and Mike too it has meaning. More than anything it gave me another piece of Mike” he said laughing. “I have a KVD, Rick Clunn and Denny Brauer jersey here and it will be cool to add this as well” said Reese. “This was fun for me and and this was a good way for me to get involved helping kids with Autism.”
Eli Delany from Fishin with a Mission said “It wonderful that Skeet got involved and was the highest bidder. He is a great guy and I am very happy he is helping the kids.  Having  someone of his stature  further ligitimizes the work that Mike and I are doing to raise awareness of Autism. We hope that Skeet joins Mike and other anglers to have the Fishin with a Mission decals on his boat and tow vehicle this year.”