Pure Fishing Buys Sebile

Pure Fishing, Inc., a leading global provider of fishing tackle and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jarden Corporation, today announced that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of the Sebile fishing lure business from Sebile International SA and its subsidiaries, a global supplier of fresh and saltwater fishing lures marketed under the Sebile ® brand name.

“We are excited to add Sebile lures to our offering, as they provide a strong complement to our current product lines,” commented John Doerr, President and CEO of Pure Fishing.   “Sebile’s award winning products, paired with our global distribution network, creates a powerful combination.   We look forward to working with Patrick Sebile to ensure that Pure Fishing stays at the forefront of delivering innovation to anglers around the globe.”

Sebile ® lures are well recognized by the fishing tackle industry and anglers world-wide.   The brand has distinguished itself in the industry as the only brand to ever win, in a single year, both the Best Hard Lure and Best Soft Lure awards at ICAST (USA – 2009), three awards at EFTTEX (Europe -2010), and four awards at AFTA (Australia – 2010).

“Our goal was not to start just another lure business but to provide anglers around the globe with a new and unique range of lures borne from innovative concepts and ideas,” stated Patrick Sebile.   “Joining the Pure Fishing team will dramatically expand our opportunities for global growth.   I am very excited to have Sebile become a part of Pure Fishing’s portfolio of industry leading brands.”

Mr. Sebile, the namesake of the Sebile ® brand, started his lure business in 2006.   He has fished in sixty-three countries around the world, has caught over 600 species of fish, and has compiled 327 IGFA, EFSA and FFPM records.

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