One DQ from FLW Tour Opener on Okeechobee

FLW announced the 2016 FLW Tour pro field will be a couple anglers short to start the season on Lake Okeechobee in a little less than two weeks. Michael Williamson of Arkansas had to withdraw his entry for the 2016 season due to medical reasons.

Rick Cotten has been disqualified from the first event for violating Rule 5 of the approved practice partners for competition waters. You can read Rule 5 here at The mistake was inadvertent according to FLW but had to be enforced nonetheless. No word on who the practice partner was that caused the violation but it likely stemmed from Cotten’s practice for FLW Costa Series on Okeechobee last week.

So field will be 169 for the first event, while Cotten will compete in the remaining 5 events and put the field back to 170 for the remainder of the 2016 season.