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Oklahoma Erecting Signs for Oklahoma Fishing Trail

In partnership with the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is erecting roadside signs indicating the location of the Oklahoma Fishing Trail loops. Designed to promote the state’s unique fishing opportunities and increase revenue, the trail highlights lakes and rivers around the state.

“I’m so excited to see these new signs going up around the state,” said Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell, who is also the state’s Secretary of Tourism & Branding. “We’ve been thrilled with the positive response and economic impact to the fishing trail so far, and these signs are such a great way for us to spread awareness about the trail and Oklahoma’s incredible fishing opportunities.”

The Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department selected the locations and ODOT is erecting 815 signs across the six fishing trail loops statewide that will alert visitors to prime fishing spots in the region.

Planning for the sign installation endeavor began in 2019. The first signs are currently being installed in southwestern Oklahoma with a statewide installation goal by the end of March. The markers will be placed under highway identification signs at state highway junctions and will indicate to anglers which loop of the fishing trail they are near. Each loop is designated by a color: northeastern (green), southeastern (orange), south central (blue), central (purple), southwestern (gold) and northwestern (red), each having a variety of fish available. The 18 inch x 24 inch signs are the same color as the designated region, display a rod with a lure and read “Oklahoma Fishing Trail.”

“ODOT is very excited to be a part of such a positive initiative driven by the Tourism Department and to be able to provide guidance to drivers seeking that special fishing spot,” said Secretary of Transportation and ODOT Executive Director Tim Gatz.

The signs initially cost OTRD $35 per sign, and ODOT will provide maintenance.

In June 2019, the state launched the Oklahoma Fishing Trail as a joint initiative between OTRD and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. The trail highlights 40 of Oklahoma’s top fishing lakes and rivers and an additional 20 fishing experiences that are part of the Wildlife Department’s “Close to Home” fishing program. More information on the Close to Home fishing destinations can be found at

Digital promotion of the Oklahoma Fishing Trail has resulted in $8.2 million in projected lodging revenue, creating a 90-to-1 return on investment based on digital spend.

For more information on the Oklahoma Fishing Trail, visit the OTRD website at or order or download the Oklahoma Fishing Trail brochure at