Officials: Beware of New Online Fishing License Scam

Officials: Beware of New Online Fishing License Scam

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is warning anglers of a dangerous identity theft scam that’s currently targeting law abiding fishermen. The scam website appears as an advertisement during Google searches for “georgia fishing license”. If you click the phony advertisement, you’re taken to a fake site where you’re prompted to enter your full name, date of birth, social security number and driver’s license number.

After you enter all of this sensitive information, the website never even asks for payment. It just takes all of your information. Investigators are looking into this, but it is currently believed that the website was created outside of the United States. They are working to have the website shut down immediately. 

Georgia DNR is reminding anglers that the only legitimate website for license purchases is Before you enter any personal information, double check the URL to make sure you’re on a legitimate site. 

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