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New Products from Missile Baits

Video Transcript:

John Crews here and I am showing you what is brand new from Missile Baits. We have two things coming at you, The Shaky Head and The Shaky Head Worm, the worm is called the Fuse 4.4 and the head is called The Warlock Jighead. Now this a perfectly matched combination right here. This is the 8th ounce in green pumpkin, green pumpkin Fuse and green pumpkin warlock, this is one heck of a little finesse presentation right here.

You have got the little claws, ya know, when you are working that little bait really slow across the bottom, the little claws are very natural looking and then the head is very unique as well on the Warlock and it comes through brush unbelievable. Ballhead jigs are terrible in brush piles, they snag like crazy but this bait right here comes through real well, it slips right through with that head design and just slips right through over the tops of the branches and skims across the top of the water and skips real well. You’ve got a 3/0 Gamakatsu 60 degree bend hook in there and use nothing but premium Gamakatsu hooks.

It does have a screw lock on it, hence the name Warlock, but we have a short screw in there and that short screw is for a reason, it allows for a bigger gap between the screw and the hook point. The bigger that gap, the better your hook sets are going to be and that’s been one of my biggest problems with screw lock type jigs is the real short gap and you lose a lot of fish and Warlock helps with that quite a bit and, once you rig it back up on there, just a couple twists….the Fuse has a little bit thicker head on it so if you want to put it on a shaky head, you can thread it on a traditional shaky head as well but that thicker portion up at the upper part is great for that.

There isn’t any need to buy a brand new worm and then have to bite off part of the head to make it work on the presentation it was made for so we made it a little thicker up there and we also made it a little bit thinner right here where the hook goes in so that your hook sets are a lot easier. So that thinner portion right there when you set that hook, that sharp Gamakatsu hook will just pop right through there and catch those fish right in the rough of the mouth almost everytime and there it is, Fuse 4.4, the Warlock Shaky Head comes in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 ounce sizes. It is all you need when you are fishing the small finesse worm like this so, check it out. That’s the new stuff from Missile Baits, so now you’ve been Wired2fish!