Minn Kota Talon Install and Uses

Video Transcript: Hi everybody Terry Brown in the Man cave. We recently had the opportunity to install a Minn Kota Talon TX 165 Polar Kraft; this is a 6 foot model.  The part that is really neat about this is that it doesn’t take very long to install, it really took a little bit longer to figure out how to place it and where it was going to go.  The engineering parts of this more so than to actually install the unit. This unit runs off your battery its neat because it’s electrical, that’s kind of a neat deal.  The neat thing also is that after they first came out Minn Kota made a bracket that allows you to be able to when you pull in a garage or underneath a bridge when your fishing, whatever to be able to adjust that.  Basically what it is it just folds down;   just lay that Talon down and that allows you to be able to get in the garage or whatever. It really makes it a more flexible unit.  The other thing that is neat about this unit is that it’s very light, and you fold it back down and it locks into place and is very sturdy. Also it is run by to key pads, one you can where around your neck and one that attaches in the console area.  But it works very simply; all you do is just allow it to go down. It goes into place and it goes up to 6 foot this is a six foot unit.  You can raise it up a little at a time. Pretty neat unit that is very very quiet, and it’s one of those things that I think most guys that didn’t think about getting one maybe in the last couple years will with this unit.  A small boat, big boats, doesn’t matter. They have units that fit each and every one of those.  The thing about the Talon that’s neat is it will continue to drive when you go in and put it down it will continue to feel that bottom and know that it will have to drive just a little bit deeper into the bottom to be able to hold you on that spot.  Whether you’re bed fishing, fishing a big weed bed, or whatever it may be. I’m going to use this when I think a lot of reasons, it’s going to be used to maybe slow me down a little bit on a windy day it’s going to allow me to position. It won’t keep me anchored, but allow me to slow down a little bit and fish a fish or an area that I want to fish.  The Minn Kota Talon, great unit something I think we are going to see on all kinds of boats coming down the road. In particular if you’ve got a small boat, it’s not out of the possibilities its one of those things that will fit just as well on a small boat  as well as it does on a big one.