Lester Takes a Blue Trophy to the Beach

If you know Brandon Lester, you know Sundays hold a special place in his heart, and that he treasures time at the beach nearly as much as bass fishing. So, Sunday June 5, 2022 played out like a script written in his deepest hopes and dreams.

Just after a spiritually rich sunrise at Pickwick Lake, he caught the majority of his tournament-winning weight, held up the coveted blue Elite Series trophy later that afternoon, then headed straight to the white sandy beaches of Northwest Florida he treasures with the people he loves the most.

“A buddy of mine towed my boat back home for me while I finished interviews at Pickwick. And as soon as I was done taking care of sponsors and media, we literally drove straight from the weigh-in area at Pickwick to Navarre Beach, Florida. And that blue trophy became the centerpiece on the counter of the beach condo the rest of the week,” grins Lester.

From swimming in the turquoise waters of Roatan Island east of Belize, to a huge cobia on the end of his line jumping to avoid being eaten by an 8-foot shark near Orange Beach, Lester’s made some great memories around saltwater, and much like that special Sunday celebration at Pickwick, he saw all those moments through Costa’s quality lenses.

“I’ve worn Costas my entire career, and I wore them Championship Sunday at Pickwick when a lifelong dream came true. I actually keep several different pairs of Costas in my boat featuring different lens colors to best match whatever weather we’re dealing with. But when somebody asks me to help them choose just one great all around lens color, I usually tell them green mirror — that’s what I wore on Championship Sunday at Pickwick,” he says.

As a result of his loyalty to Costa, Lester will collect a healthy cash bonus because he registered for Costa’s Compete + Conserve program.

Just as rewarding, he has chosen the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, one of Compete + Conserve’s conservation partners, to receive a $500 donation in his name for the protection and conservation of our fisheries – quite the perfect punctuation to a dream-like Sunday that ended with a blue trophy and sugar white sand.

To learn more and get registered, please visit https://www.costacompeteandconserve.com/.