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Get Underway Faster with Auto Guidance+ in the Navionics Boating App

Garmin announced that Auto Guidance+ technology is now available in the Navionics® Boating smart-device app3. Combining the best of Garmin and Navionics automatic routing technologies, the Auto Guidance+ feature delivers faster route calculation speeds with smoother suggested pathways to improve route planning and deliver more clear direction while navigating from point to point.

After adjusting boat settings and selecting a designated shoreline distance in the Navionics Boating app, Auto Guidance+ utilizes an array of chart data and navigation aids to quickly calculate a suggested route for smoother guidance through complex waterways or along the coastline.

Here’s what’s new for the Auto Guidance+ feature:

  • Improved route calculation times allow boaters to get underway faster while delivering a suggested path from point A to point B while avoiding harsh turns.
  • New height considerations provide better suggested routes for sailboats and large vessels that require greater overhead clearance while navigating channels, inlets, marina entrances and more.
  • New shoreline distance preference setting allows you to indicate whether your vessel stays closer or further from shore along the route. Shoreline distance settings also factor in shallow water that may not be near the shore.
  • Unlimited waypoints enable boaters and anglers to mark important points of interest along their route or highlight all their favorite fishing locations.

In addition to this new autorouting technology, the Navionics Boating app offers a host of essential navigation tools and detailed chart content to support the on-water activities of boaters, anglers, sailors and divers. The Navionics Boating app also provides easy-to-see route details – including estimated arrival times, distance to your arrival, heading to waypoints, fuel consumption, speed limits and more – and boasts No.1 marine mapping1 with up to 5,000 updates to chart content each day.

The Auto Guidance+ feature is now available in the latest version of the Navionics Boating smart-device app (18.0) with an active subscription. The Navionics Boating app is available for compatible Apple and Android devices with annual subscriptions starting at $24.99. Click here to learn more about the advanced features and content included in the Navionics Boating app.