Jewel Hyper-Lock Swimbait Head

Jig powerhouse Jewel Bait Company always stays on the cutting edge. Making sure every bait is exactly the same before it leaves the factory has been Jewel’s mantra since day one. Hooks have to be perfect, skirts have to be exact, each jig must weigh exactly the right amount and they carry that precision over to other products in their line-up as well.

We just got our hands on the new Jewel Hyper Hook, for frogs and swimbaits, and it’s a beauty.

The design is the first thing that caught our eye. Most weights on most hooks of this type are molded around the shank of the hook near the center.Jewel has a keeled weight, meaning it has wings on the lead, that sits near the bend of the hook further down on the shank. It has a flat bottom with linear lines from top to bottom with a curved top that allows the bait to glide and for swim baits, swim more effectively. The keel keels the bait from rolling. The weight resembles the space shuttle and is machine molded onto the hook for a tight precise fit.

Big is better

The Jewel Hyper Hook comes in 4/0 to a monster 7/0 hook and each comes with a custom designed keeper that can be postioned to actually stay in place.The 7/0’s are “meat hooks” and the round bend is perfect for most plastic swim baits and frogs. Most keepers are loose on the line tie and allow the bait to wallow a hole after a fish or two. Not Jewel. This clip has two barbs and stays in place allowing anglers to get more life out of their plastic.

The hook has a unique bend approximately 1/2 inch from the bottom of the line tie. This bend combined with the keeper allows for great hook penetration and the balance is unmatched.

Other Uses

Besides frogs and swimbaits we have experimented with this hook on 10 inch worms like the Zoom Ole Monster and the Berkley Power work and have used it on craws and creature baits for flipping and pitching as well. Because the weight is near the bend versus centered it makes it perfect for these applications.

The Inside Scoop

The Jewel Hyper hook comes in both red and black nickel and weights from an 1/8 to 1/4 ounce.

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