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PowerBait is 20 years old!

If you’re an angler and haven’t at least heard of Berkley PowerBait then chances are you’ve been living in a cave with the Jack’s Link beef jerky sasquatch.

It’s hard to believe 20 years have passed since this incredible bait hit the market, but it’s true. For two decades anglers have fished with PowerBait worms, grubs, trout baits and other lures that help put fish in the boat. The combination of realistic baits and the PowerBait formula is hard to beat.

“Keith Jones comes up with the formulas that fish like to eat and John Prochnow figures out how to put those formulas into the baits,” said Pure Fishing public relations manager Eric Naig. The solid lineup of pro anglers on the Berkley team offer their input into lure creations, and with Jones and Prochnow mixing in their research it all turns out great for anglers.

Naig said the most popular thing in the PowerBait lineup is the trout bait, which “is like crack for trout. They love it.” On the bass side, the 7-inch worm is the most-preferred lure by anglers, with the 10-inch worm right behind it.