IGFA Certifies New Spotted Bass Record

The IGFA has officially certified Nick Dulleck’s spotted bass catch from New Bullards Bar Reservoir on Feb. 14, 2017 as the new world record for spotted bass (click here to see listing). 

“The process has been crazy, but the IGFA has been great to work with,†Dulleck said. “I know other guys have had trouble getting records certified, so I just wanted to be sure I did everything perfectly by the book. I’m glad it has all worked out, and I have the official world record. I’ve been after it for a while.â€

Dulleck appeared on Bassmaster Live at the Classic in Houston, Texas and talked to Dave Mercer about his world record catch. You can watch the interview at the Supra Nick Fishing Channel on YouTube

He will also be releasing the full cast to catch video of the world record spotted bass catch in the near future on his YouTube channel. He has already shared video of the live release of the world record bass

For the full story on his world record catch, click here

He has a lot more content coming to his Supra Nick Fishing Channel including more about the world record certification and the pending California state record certification. You can also follow him on Instagram at @Supranick