Humminbird gets side imaging patent…

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted U.S. Patent No. 7,652,952 to Johnson Outdoors Inc. for the Humminbird ® Side Imaging ® technology.   The approved patent protects Humminbird’s Side Imaging sonar systems from unauthorized copying.

“Our Side Imaging sonar technology is one of the most heralded innovations in the marine electronics industry in decades,†said Kelly Grindle, Group Vice President of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics & Watercraft.   “It is a game changer for anglers who demand the best equipment available to help locate and catch more fish.â€

Humminbird first introduced Side Imaging sonar in 2005 in two of its 900-Series fishfinder models.   Spurred by consumer demand, Humminbird expanded its offering of Side Imaging models to its 700-, 800-, and 1100-Seriesâ„¢ product lines.

Side Imaging sonar produces dramatically detailed and recognizable images of underwater objects and the bottom.   These images allow anglers to pinpoint habitat, structure and drop-offs, which are prime holding areas for fish.   With a coverage area of up to 480 feet side-to-side, anglers can search more water in less time to find the most promising areas to fish.

“Humminbird has created an entirely new sonar category in Side Imaging technology, and we have been thorough in our product development and patent process to assure that our technology is sound,†said Grindle.   “We continue our efforts to enhance Side Imaging technology and will offer more features in the near future.â€