Georgia Bass Bites Off More Than it Can Chew

Have you ever seen anything like this?

According to our friends at Georgia Outdoor News, Keith Hester and his grandfather were spending the day bass fishing at a local pond when they noticed an unusual commotion on the water’s surface. Confused, the anglers trolled their fishing boat towards the activity and found two fish stuck together–the bigger bass was inside of the smaller bass’ mouth. Both fish were still alive.

Keith and his grandfather quickly and carefully separated the bass and fortunately, the bass were released unharmed and seemingly healthy. In our opinion, this strange occurence may have been caused by one of two scenarios. Either the smaller bass had a gluttonous appetite (which kind of proves our points about throwing big baits for largemouth) or the two bass were competing for the same meal and ran into one another.

You never know what you’re going to run into while on the water. Remember, be sure to let us know of anything strange or interesting you encounter while fishing!

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