Potential Record Catfish Caught


Whether intentionally or accidentally, most fishermen reading this article have probably caught a few catfish over the years. They’re pretty fun to fight, especially when they reach that 5 to 10-pound range. They have a lot of grit to ‘em and it seems the harder you pull, the more they fight.

We’re willing to bet, however, that you’ve probably never caught a catfish like this one—all 280 pounds of it.

According to USA Today Sports, Italian angler Dino Ferrari caught a potential world record wels catfish in the Po Delta. The whiskered monster measured 8.7 feet from head to tail and weighed 280 pounds. Yep, you read that correctly.


There have been larger wels catfish caught throughout history, but Ferrari may have actually set the world record for the largest catfish to be landed purely on a rod and reel according to the Daily Mirror.

How’d you like to feel this dude’s whiskers rub against your leg while swimming?

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