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Fishing Grass Around Docks on Natural Lakes

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Ott Defoe talks about fishing grass around boat docks in natural lakes up north. How the bass relate to the grass can tell you where to focus your efforts.

Video Transcript:  A lot of times on northern lakes and it really applies to anywhere you go in the country. But I guess natural lakes in general you have a place like that where you have a nice clump of reeds, it’s broke up, and it’s got docks on either side of it.   A lot of times those edges of those reeds like between the first dock and that clump or maybe the outside edge a little bit. But it seems like the edges of those heavier patches of cover a lot of times are where those fish are going to be.   Or they might be on the first dock you get to just outside of it a lot of times. It’s kind of, it’s kind of you have to fish and see which ones kind of make a pattern out of it. A lot of times there is going to be a definite pattern on where those fish are going to be, if they’re going to be on those edges or if they’re going to be way up in the middle of those clumps. Whenever you get out on a natural lake you just want to kind of fish that all to start with and see what the fish tell you.   If they’re going to be up in that stuff or if they’re going to be in the edges of it more .