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Chapman Signs with Dyna-Tek

Reigning Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Brent Chapman signed a sponsorship deal with Dyna-Tek, a company that produces rod and reel performace kits.

“The Rod & Reel Performance Kit eliminates all the friction that naturally occurs from any rod, reel and line combination,” Chapman said. “Once its applied, I can make longer casts and with no friction, less vibration, I can feel the slightest of bites.   I feel bites I used to miss and every bite counts when you fish against the best 100 anglers in the world.   Plus, it’s easy to apply. The kit come with 4 towelettes that you use to clean and then coat the rod, guides, the reel and I even run my fluorocarbon line across it for additional friction reduction. Try it once and I know you’ll be hooked.â€