Another Alleged Cheater in Fishing Tournament

Alabama doesn’t mess around with anglers cheating in bass fishing tournaments. Another angler, Steven Macon of Pell City, Ala., was arrested and charged by the Pell City Police Department. He allegedly was caught on video by the Alabama Game and Fish officers on a tip, taking a fish out of a basket under a dock and putting it into his livewell then later bringing it to the scales at the D&S Tournament at Riverside on Logan Martin on Tuesday, June 17 in a one fish, big bass tournament. Local eyewitnesses confirmed that as soon as he put the bass on the scales, G&F and Alabama Marine Police stepped in and made the arrest. He was taken to the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office for booking.

He has been charged with tampering with a sporting contest and his trial is set for August 2014. We’ll update this story if we learn of any more details. His Facebook page has apparently been removed recently, likely due to public outcry from local anglers on his page.

One thing’s for sure, Alabama folks don’t play around with cheaters in bass fishing tournaments. First the Guntersville cheaters were arrested a couple months ago, and now this guy on Logan Martin has been filmed and arrested.

We’ll never understand why someone would risk losing their fishing privileges and being publicly ostricized for a few hundred bucks in a jackpot tournament. But we’re glad that anglers report suspicious behavior and these guys get caught.

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