Angler Catches Huge Redear Sunfish

big redear sunfish

Lake Havasu in Arizona is well known for its huge redear sunfish and this is one of the best times of year to target them. Angler Zac Mickle of Lake Havasu City, Arizona caught an absolutely enormous redear sunfish this past week. The fish measured 16 1/4 inches and weighed a whopping 5.07 pounds. Judging by his social media profiles, Mickle has a lot of experience chasing these huge redear sunfish and it looks as if his experience paid off in a big way. What a catch, Zac!

We put together a quick gallery of all the photos of this big fish. All photos courtesy of Zac Mickle. Enjoy!

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Side shot of the fish’s huge belly

big redear sunfish

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One of the biggest redears you’ll see

big redear sunfish

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What a gut!

big redear sunfish

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A weight on the trusty Rapala digital scale

big redear sunfish