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Angler Catches Giant 16-Pound Bass

If you haven’t seen the pictures floating around on Instagram like this one: Instagram and on Facebook today, you’ll want to check this amazing catch from Ian Cornelius of Castro Valley, Calif. He caught a 16.6-pound bass from small Lake Chabot in Castro Valley. The photos below really show off the size of that bass. It’s rumored that Cornelius caught the bass fishing a large swimbait on the small 315-acre lake, just 45 minutes from San Francisco. He came up just short of the lake record which was 17 pounds. But it’s the largest caught from the lake in more than a decade.

Want to hear the crazy thing? He caught a 14-plus-pounder in February. It’s just simply amazing that a young angler has caught two bass weighing more than 14 pounds in one year. He has definitely put in his time and been rewarded for it.

Congratulations, Ian. You’re the star of the fishing world this month!