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8 Deep Diving Crankbaits for 2010

We’ve spent a fair amount of time cranking on deep ledges and points and also have been interviewing pros recently on the subject and fishing with them on Kentucky Lake and beyond. We’ve compiled a list of 8 crankbaits we think anglers should have for deep structure to cover the bases. See what you think of the list and talk with us about it on  Facebook or at [email protected].

Bomber Fat Free Shad – A staple on the Tennessee River ledges, and famous for one of the best colors, Citrus Shad, the Bomber Fat Free Shad features a wide wobble, loud rattles and will get down to 14-16 feet pretty consistently. It’s a go to bait for a lot of well known crankbaiters on tour.

Norman DD 22 – This lure has stood the test of time among deep crankers. It’s a great round-body crankbait that will get down deep quick and stay there. It has a major action and a dull knocker for sound. It comes in maybe the widest variety of colors of any crankbait series out there, so anglers are sure to find a color that works on their fishery. This bait can touch 18 feet on lighter fluoro lines.

Strike King Series 6 – Strike King has another great crankbait with great colors but with a higher pitched rattle and a little tighter wobble than the first two. Their Sexy Shad color started a frenzy of new colored crankbaits with metallic blue backs, white sides and a hint of chartreuse on the side. This bait will get down in that 12-15 foot range consistently as well. And they just realeased an XD version of the bait that pushes the barrier to 20 feet.

Rapala DT 16 – One of the tightest wiggles in a deep diving crankbait. This is the subtle intruder that can really keep a bite going when the bass get conditioned to louder crazier crankbaits. It’s also a tremendous crankbait around deep grass. Some pros claim they can even make this crankbait stop and turn around and dare the bass to bite.

Lucky Craft CB D20 – This is a precision built crankbait that comes with very detailed paint and etchings. It’s one of the most expensive crankbaits in our eight, but it’s worth having a couple because we’ve seen first hand days where the bass flat out preferred it’s wobble. The weight transfer system allows it to be   launched like a rocket. It too has a very good variety of colors.

Bandit 700 – We’ve just recently started playing with this crankbait but like it’s action, wobble, variety of colors and attractive price. This bait already has a cult following in the south and will find its way into a lot more crankbait boxes this year. It has a unique scooped forhead that allows it to push the crankbait down more keeping you in the strike zone longer.

Spro Little John DD – Another new comer this year is the Little John DD. This crankbait features a very narrow profile that gives it a unique wobble. The bait pulls hard, is easy to cast with a good weight transfer system. It’s dull knocker offers a unique sound as well. This is a bait a lot of bass haven’t seen yet and they like it. A lot of pros are throwing it and keeping it under their hats.

Luhr Jensen Hot Lips Express – If you’ve been on the Arnold Swarzenegger Biceps blowout arm workout and want to flex your deep diving muscles, this is your crankbait. It pulls like a pail of water in current but will touch 20 feet on a long cast. You can heave it a mile because of its sheer size and weight. The lip is unique as is the body giving this crankbait another unique swimming action to accompany its ability to touch 20 feet.

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