The Rise of the Neko Rig Finesse Bass Tactic

Western bass pro Brett Hite was one of the early stateside adopters of the Neko rig – yet another dominant Japanese finesse bass tactic. He credits the system to a pile of tournament winnings and stresses why anglers of all skill levels need to add the Neko rig to their standard finesse arsenal.


Brett chronicles his tournament experience with the system then demonstrates how to rig and fish the bait. While the name sounds technical, the beauty of the system lies in its simplicity and versatility – there’s no single right or wrong way to rig or fish the Neko rig. Hite shares the two most common methods for working the rig across the bottom and the importance of a sensitive rod and spinning reel with a silky smooth drag. *A special thanks to Lake Baccarac Lodge for the exceptional hospitality and fishing during our stay in Mexico. 

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