Secure Nail Weights in Z-Man ElaZtech Plastic

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If you’ve ever tried inserting a nail weight into Z-Man’s insanely durable and awesome ElaZtech material, you’ve likely experienced difficulting keeping in locked in place. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson shares his field-expedient method for locking nail weights in the plastic (use caution, adults only).

A little background — Kyle devised what we coined the Tiny Child Rig (TCR), which is a Texas-Rigged Z-Man Big TRD or Finesse TRD rigged with a straight shank VMC Neko Hook and a nail weight in the blunt end. This reverse rig of sorts is so effective even tiny children can wail on ’em. It penetrates the thickest cover without snagging, preserves the TRD’s do-nothing appearance, and delivers exceptional hookup ratios.

Check out these videos to see the Tiny Child Rig with a TRD in Action!

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